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The Care is pleased to launch a unique range of Liquid Detergents which has the dual properties of detergent as well as fabric softening, making it 1st of its kind product in the whole Middle East Region.

The Silky Smooth texture of the product shows the softness it contains, in order to treat your cloth gently and softly, unlike regular liquid detergents in the market. The introduction of unique Micro Capsules in the products, also 1st time in any Liquid Detergent in the region, makes the pleasant fragrance stay on your cloths much longer than the normal detergents. And with your every movement or gentle rubbing of the fabric (for example towels, bed sheets and pillows), you get a burst of the fragrance, never seen before in any Liquid Detergent.

You may not need to get into the hassle of using fabric softener while using “The Care” Liquid Detergents, due to its amazing fabric refreshing and softening properties.

about us

With about 18 years of experience of The Care management team in the various categories of Home and Personal Care Products and in Fragrance Industry, makes the Care Detergent Company very unique in its expertise in the field of FMCG products.

With its long and valuable experience, the company is able to create some of the unique products in the home and personal care range, with lot more to come soon, in the middle east.

The Care Detergents Company is also in joint venture with another prestigious organization in this field for more than 10 years in UAE, the Smart Chem Hygiene (www.smartchemuae.com). The expertise from Smart Chem has added a lot of value to The Care brand.

The company’s mission is to create products for the consumers which give good value to their money, while keeping the high quality and product safety and hygiene standards.

The company is determined to keep their products as ECO Friendly as possible, with minimum or Zero damage to the Environment and the Life on Earth, while manufacturing its products.

The company does not conduct any products testing on animals or humans at any stage of their product development

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Care Detergents DWC LLC
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